Germany 6- Berlin to Potsdam

We left the boat club early in the morning, turned onto the Spree River and cruised through Berlin before the start of the ferryboat traffic. It was very pleasant drive and Kevin had great delight in getting me off the boat so I could in take a photo of Courlis cruising in front of the Berlin Haupbahnhof. Now he has driven the boat through the centre of Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Berlin from the water is a city of glass and steel alongside historical building reconstructed after the war, old bridges, waterside bars, tourists ferries and reminders of the wall.

As we passed the outer suburbs we were surprised by a sea plane landing ahead of us. We pulled in behind a little island to find a little collection of restaurants built on barge and pontoons along the shore. The sea plane has its base there, where customers have champagne before a flight over Berlin, what a shame we were leaving but on looking at the price we settled for a cup of coffee.
We travelled down to the lakes area south of Berlin. First to the Mugglesee (lake) then the Mugglespree which is listed in the books as one of the most beautiful canals to drive along, it is lined with nice houses with lawns down to the water, such a contrast to all of the high rise we have seen previously. This must be where the well off Berliners live or have holiday homes.
It is a cool today and there are not many people around in the restaurant beer gardens but as we pass through the Dameritzsee then the Seddingnssee the yachts are out. Later in the afternoon we set off down through the Spree- Oder Kanal which goes through to Poland as we thought we may go to the border town on the Oder River.

After travelling some hours down the so far uninteresting canal towards Furstenwulde, Kevin decided that he had become so fluent in German with his Gute Faart, Danke schon, Auf Wiedersehen and Chuss, that he was forgetting his French and Dutch. And as it was not likely to help our alziemers much by learning Polish, we decided to turn back and make tracks through the other lakes heading West instead of East.

We came back up to the Krossinsee and anchored for a peaceful afternoon. Next we went through the Zeuthnersee, as we came up through the Langersee we passed the International Rowing Course.

and while looking at that we met South Aussies, Peter and Pam and friends who
told us there was a jazz festival on that weekend in Kopenick which sounded good to us as we planned to spend the night there.
We squeezed in on the town harbour along with 5 other boats right in the centre of the old town about 50 metres from the venues. It was fun wandering around to the different venues, there were beer tents, food stalls and table and chairs in front of the stages. It was very pleasant eating tasty food from stalls along with a beer and listening to the jazz by the Dixie Brothers and Sidney’s Blues. The songs were mostly sung in English which was strange as 99.99% of the audience were German speaking.

Sidney’s Blues The Dresdener Brot stall, delicious bacon pieces and cheese inside of a roll of dough and baked in a pizza oven. Behind is a great rope walk and climb for kids.
Time for sweets and coffee. Dixie Brothers

Next it was time to head off down the Teltow canal which is very industrial
We turned off the Teltow canal north into a small canal leading to the Wannsee. As we came to the turnoff, a sign with a lot of German words and times on it made us stop quickly, we wished Mary was here to translate for us. After looking at the dictionary we worked out it was a one way canal at certain times and we had to wait until the hour and for 20 minutes it was a travelling north canal

After a 15 minute wait we went on to the Grosse Wannsee. When we were in Berlin we stopped at the station where the train leaves for Wannsee, it was crowded with young people dressed for the beach. We made our way across the lake to the beach, today it was cool, the sun shelters were lined up along the sand and a few people were swimming. The yachts were out and it looked a bit like Melville Water on the Swan River, cant say the same about the beach, we weaved our way south again through the lakes to Potsdam.

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